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Dominion Fire – Prayer Request Area

Welcome to the Dominion Fire Prayer Request Area. Please use the form to the left, to submit your healing need and prayer request. While we focus more specifically on healing, we do accept prayers for any area of need.

Upon submitting this form, your prayer need will be sent to our team, and also added to the list below the form. When added to the form below, your request will be made available to our team as well as our website viewers.

Multiple people are then able to pray for your needs. Once completed, you will receive a notification that you have been prayed for. You can also check back to see how many people have prayed for you. 

In addition to submitting a prayer request to this form, we do encourage everyone to pray for each other. Please select any of the prayer needs listed and pray for others. A huge part of the Kingdom is sowing a reaping.

If you need healing, pray for others’ healing and reap the prayers you are sowing in. Please share this page with as many people as possible, and please help us in assisting as many people as possible. Thank you and be blessed!!